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In memory of James Dungy
January 6, 1987 - December 22, 2005
In memory of James Dungy
January 6, 1987 - December 22, 2005

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Tailgating in Parking Lots

Choose a parking lot (and space) that allows you to interact with other tailgaters. This is one of the finer points of tailgating.

If you're going to tailgate alone .. . .

just drink beer in your home backyard instead.

Introduce yourself to those around you. Talk to them, sit with them, and drink with them.
Why do you think it's called a party?

Find out what time the parking lot opens and whether or not you can park your RV there the night before. Try to get there 3 - 5 hours before the start of the game. It is important to allow yourself enough time, especially if you've never coordinated a tailgate party before.

Serious tailgaters choose a parking lot that has a view of the stadium if on-site parking is not available. Since the stadium is your Mecca, you need to be able to see it so you can bow to it occasionally.

If you're a novice and you really want your tailgate party to stand out, don't pull up next to someone else's more established gathering! On the other hand, I would suggest parking next to the best and learn from the more experienced tailgater for next time!
In turn you'll make new friends by joining forces with an armada of gregarious tailgaters.


Basic etiquette is a must in the parking lot.
Otherwise, you'll make somebody angry - they'll make you angry - and the next thing you know somebody's throwing punches.


The first rule of Parking Lot Etiquette is to treat your neighbors as you would hope they would treat you!

  • Don't try and drown out your neighbor's music with your own thumping stereo system. But their listening to Johnny Cash. OK, you don't want to hear Johnny Cash - they in turn don't want to hear your taste of music.

  • All I have to say is; Respect! 

  • Try not to shock the neighbor's children!  If there are little one's about, don't start screaming and yelling profanity.

(Unless your neighbors are yelling and screaming profanity, in which case you can hardly be expected to set a better example for the children than their own parents)

 - this goes the same if you should partake in illegal substances; ie, marijuana

Simply put - set a good example or even move if you wish to partake in all the above

  • Drinking is a given to tailgating - Just keep it under control

See Alcohol and Tailgating

  • Don't litter anyone else's area. You shouldn't litter your own area either.

See Departure

  • Try not to flood your neighbors with smoke or noxious odors from your attempt at the grill

  • Mingling with your neighbors is what tailgating is all about (NOT ALWAYS, though), however, don't just edge yourself into their territory without acknowledging them and stand around their party like it's yours.

  • If spaces are assigned and parking is limited, keep your car parked in the center of your parking space.

  • Don't creep into the next guy's spot

  • Don't park diagonally
  • DO NOT take up 2 parking spaces. I don't care how big, shiney or classic your vehicle is - have respect for the next guy.

Parking Lot Etiquette simply put . . .

If you don't want someone to pee in your pool - don't pee in theirs!

The Other Team's Fans

There is the infinitesimal chance that you'll find yourself parked next to somebody from the opposing team.

  • Offer them some food and drink. Show them that Indy has class.

  • Engaging in a little gamesmanship with them is fine. You can argue the merits of your teams, hurl funny insults back and forth, and generally spark up a spirited rivalry. Just don't be unnecessarily abusive. Unless their New England Patriot Fans - It's open season!

  • Provided their not too obnoxious, you should offer up some nightlife suggestions - restaurants, bars, good and bad neighborhoods, etc

  • If you all get along, there's no better way to increase Indy's hospitality quotient.


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